Monday, 15 February 2010

love for games

I absolutely love games i don't care if it's on the wii , ps2, ps1,psp, xbox,pc... i just love playing them . I just played zelda twilight princess it's unbelievable.I had to get to the twilight north of Kakariko village. To get there you need to buy a bomb bag and then buy some bombs,you head to the north and head through hyrule field you go over the bridge and you find some rock's you take a bomb then you throw it to the rock's .The bomb will explode and so will the rock's and there you find yourself in the twilight.Although i played this on the wii it's probably the hardest because theres no controller like the others.

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  1. hi Jamie, i love your blog!! I have never played it but I have seen my brother play it!!! from lulu.