Monday, 15 February 2010

love for games

I absolutely love games i don't care if it's on the wii , ps2, ps1,psp, xbox,pc... i just love playing them . I just played zelda twilight princess it's unbelievable.I had to get to the twilight north of Kakariko village. To get there you need to buy a bomb bag and then buy some bombs,you head to the north and head through hyrule field you go over the bridge and you find some rock's you take a bomb then you throw it to the rock's .The bomb will explode and so will the rock's and there you find yourself in the twilight.Although i played this on the wii it's probably the hardest because theres no controller like the others.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

games on the xbox 360

the games on my xbox 360 are great! but i only have 2!!!! i have tomb raider legend I've completed round about 40 percent of the game i also have xbox live with uno,feeding frenzy...
i bought a hardrive the other day and downloaded pure,race driver grid,cars,ace combat 6,hawk's...i keep it in my brother's room because i don't have any space in my room because of all the other consoles in there ! my favorite game is pure and then race driver grid i always come 1 in pure it's brilliant!!!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

gta san adreas

Gta San Andreas is also one of my favorite games it's a free roam game sort of you can go wherever you want you can drive cars fly planes walk around town ask girls to join you ask your gang members to come with you in you car buy clothes buy tatoos get your hair cut buy guns get out and kill people unlike true crime new york city you can caught by the police (sucks really) the person on there is called cj (carl johnson) has a mother who just died big smoke (friend) promises cj that he will find who killed cj's mother you really just need to kill the ballas and all the other gangs the game is a lot better with codes heres some now:

no police after you: o right o right left square triangle up

jump high: up up triangle triangle up up left right square r2 r2

jet-pack: l1 l2 r1 r2 up down left right l1 l2 r1 r2 up down left right

resist gun shots: down x right left right r1 right down up square

tank: o o l1 o o o l1 l2 r1 triangle o triangle

True crime: New York City

True crime new york city is one of my favourite games above is a little preview of the game you: might like it i do that's why it's one of my favourites nearly every objective (marked in green)you have to kill someone and then speak to like the boss or someone and then kill him or put him in jail that's nearly all you have to do fight crime in the street you can just walk up to someone grab him and look to see if he has any drugs on him or stolen objects once i arrested someone for having a mobile phone on him(oops) i didn't do it on purpose and in a restaurant i walked in to the kitchens looking for someone and the cooks just started to attack me there was two of them one had a knife and the other a baseball bat.I only had my bare hands so i took the one with the bat broke his neck took the other one looked around ,i saw a pizza oven so then i stuck his head inside it no doubt about it his head was on fire he was definitely dead and then i found out that the place the man that i was looking for was in the place next door !